Policies & Guarantee

Lawrence Zimbler, MST, EA

It is the policy of the above referenced companies to provide professional services toward the preparation of the most correct tax return possible, finding for our clients and advising on all possible ways that their tax liabilities may be minimized within the law. We will interpret and apply tax law in our clients’ best interests to the degree that we believe sustainable in our professional judgment and we will engage or participate in no activity that violates any law.

It is the policy of the above referenced companies that our expertise and time are our product, tangibly represented by the completed tax return. As a result, our fees are earned in full at the conclusion of the client interview, or when no interview is scheduled, upon the initial delivery of documents needed for the preparation of a return. Fees are due and payable upon delivery of the completed return. Completed tax returns will not be delivered without full payment of all fees.

It is our policy to provide you with an estimate of your current year’s tax liability based on the prior year transactions, and to calculate withholding and estimated tax payments based on this estimate at no additional cost. Detailed tax planning is available at additional cost.

When required, we can represent you before Internal Revenue Service personnel for audit, appeals and collection issues. This representation is at additional cost and is not included in the fees for return preparation even when the representation relates to a tax return prepared by us.

We guarantee that your return will be prepared correctly. If we make an error that costs you additional tax, we will pay any penalties that are assessed against you provided we are given the opportunity to contest the assessment (at no cost to you) of such penalties. If the additional tax is due to an audit, and we represent you at the audit (see above), we will also pay any interest that may be assessed on the deficiency. At all times, you remain responsible for any additional tax. You must notify us immediately upon receipt of the first notification from the taxing agency of any proposed changes or scheduled audit; and we must receive a copy of such notice within five (5) business days of its receipt.

While we make every effort to prepare your return correctly there will be times when you receive correspondence from the government proposing changes to your return, or actually making such changes. If the changes are incorrect (this is not uncommon), and you have not already agreed to or paid for the changes, we will correspond with the taxing agency for you to attempt to avert or abate such changes at no additional cost.

This guarantee does not apply where you have failed to provide information needed for a proper determination of your tax either to us or to any taxing authority (regardless of the reason), or information needed to determine eligibility for, or to compute any deduction, adjustment or credit is not provided; or where, based on the information provided the tax deductions, adjustments or credits were properly computed. You must sign our client organizer package to be eligible for the above guarantee. Information contained in the organizer, including preparer notes made on it and documents included with it will be the sole determinant of the information provided. This guarantee does not apply to penalties or interest assessed as the result of any failure or delay in the payment of any properly computed tax or any estimated or pre-paid tax to the taxing authority.